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Firearms Financing Available

No credit check, up to 12 months to pay, low interest!

RAM Arms in Durham, NC offers Selection and Service:

RAM Arms works hard to stock the guns, ammo and accessories you’re looking for and the expert gunsmithing and firearms training services you need to maintain you firearms and be trained to use them.

Our expert gunsmith services can keep your firearms in top shape even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to do it yourself. A broken firearms is not a problem for our gunsmiths. Just bring it in and we’ll get it taken care of in no time.

RAM Arms has firearms by Glock, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Mossberg, Remington, Henry, Para, Walther and more!

Ammo, optics and mounting hardware are available in store or by special order.

We carry Magpul accessories and a full line of AR-15 add-ons from the top makers.

Our Current Used Gun Inventory (valid 03-21-15)

Our used gun inventory changes rapidly, so please call before coming in to make sure that we still have whichever one you’re looking for. 22 used guns came in between Friday and Saturday and we sold many of those.

New (used gun) Arrivals 03-20-15

We had a TON of used guns come in today. Here’s everything that came into used inventory and which ones already have been sold:
– Colt Gold Cup National Match MKIV Series 70 Mint with original box and papers(sold)
– Beretta 92s (mint) *series 2* early model with original box
– Ruger 96-22 Lever action, 10/22 mag fed rifle (hard to find)
– Glock 19 Gen 3 (sold)
– Beretta 21 (a) Bobcat tip-up barrel .25acp (mint)
– Smith & Wesson 442 NO-LOCK in rare satin nickel (MINT)
– Winchester 67-22 single-shot 22 rifle
– Bushmaster Carbon-15 lightweight AR-15 with Red Dot (never fired – original box)
– FNX-45 tactical (sold)
– Marlin 39 Article II NRA commemerative .22LR lever action JM marked octagon barrel
– Ruger SR762 (sold)
– Colt Huntsman .22LR semi-auto (MINT)

Does RAM Arms Buy or Trade Firearms?

Yes. RAM Arms buys tons of handguns, rifles and shotguns every day. We are picky though. All firearms we buy require:

  • Non-expired State-issued photo ID with current residence address
  • Firearm must not have any identifying marks obscured/ablated/removed
  • Firearms must be legal for purchase in North Carolina without an SOT (special occupancy tax .. stamp)
  • Firearms must be in 90% or better condition if non-collector-grade or 40% or better if collectible
  • Firearms must by 100% functional
  • Must have clean chamber
  • Must have useful rifling in the barrel
  • Must have useful sights
  • Must have at least one magazine

Store staff will determine value based on market desirability and condition.

“The Friendliest Gun Store in the Triangle”
3158 Hillsborough Rd. Durham, NC 27705
(919)237-9858 (store)
(866)637-9591 (toll free)

How do I maintain my firearm?

Firearms maintenance is an ongoing task if you want your gun to perform reliably and continue to look like it did when you bought it.

This article will go into detail on individual firearms through video tutorials and online articles.

First, maintenance of a firearm is separated into two parts:

  • Maintaining the gun’s appearance
  • Maintaining the gun’s function

What Can Affect My Gun’s Appearance?

Your gun’s finish (appearance) can be worn down by several things:

  • Scratches/Handling Marks
  • Holster Wear
  • Corrosion/Rust

The causes of are infinite, but are easily grouped into a few bad decisions:

  • Improper Gun storage
  • Inferior holsters
  • Improper maintenance
  • Improper care during handling

How do I protect My Gun’s Finish?

Your gun should be stored in a location where it will not be disturbed. This will prevent scratches and handling marks.

When out of storage the firearm should not be overly handled. A firearm is to be treated as if loaded at all times. This thought process will prevent accidental discharges and keep your guns away from situations that might scar, scratch or otherwise degrade the finish.

Having a good holster is paramount if you wish to carry your gun. Stainless steel will hold up better than most black finishes, but the holster has just as much to do with keeping your gun looking great.

  • Don’t put oils on the inside of your holster – they attract dirt and dust which are abrasives
  • Use only a properly fitted holster – if your holster won’t hold the gun securely, the firearm will move much more increasing abrasive action and exposing the gun to a possible out-of-holster experience (getting dropped on the pavement.)

Maintaining your gun is more than just filling out the warranty card after purchase. You have to protect the finish regularly – whether you shoot the gun or not – to maintain its appearance.

  • Take clean, soft cloth and with a light amount of gun oil, wipe down the external metal surfaces of the gun. Do NOT get oil on wood surfaces, night sights or fiber-optic sights. Oil is for metal only.

How do I maintain my gun’s performance?

Performance can be split into a few main groups:

  • Reliability
  • Accuracy

Reliability covers the guns ability to accept a broad range of ammo, perform its tasks a spectrum of environments and do it every .. single .. time.

Reliability can be hampered by improper design, but that’s rare in name brands like Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Walther, Glock, Springfield, and Para.

To keep your quality firearm performing at its peak, it should be:\

  • Stored in a cool, dry environment when not carried
  • Cleaned and oiled after EVERY firing
  • Oiled every 3-6 months (external surfaces should be oiled more often for IWB carry guns)
  • Shot regularly to help you realize that certain springs or magazines are wearing out
  • Worn parts replaced (by competent gunsmith if necessary)

If you’d like to learn how to maintain your gun, sign up for one of RAM Arms “Intro to My Gun” sessions. You’ll be taught how to maintain your gun by a professional gunsmith.

If you’re running a hectic schedule, just bring it by RAM Arms and we’ll take care of the maintenance tasks for you.

“The Friendliest Gun Store in the Triangle”
3158 Hillsborough Rd. Durham, NC 27705
(919)237-9858 (store)
(866)637-9591 (toll free)

Where are the gun ranges in Durham, NC

RAM Arms staff often gets the question “where are the gun ranges in Durham, NC?” Well…. there aren’t any, but there are a few just around the edges of Durham where you can shoot. We aren’t showing any preference for one or the other and have received no compensation (and wouldn’t take any) in exchange for their placement in the list:

Public Gun Ranges (in no particular order)

Private (Membership Only) Gun Ranges (also in no particular order)

  • Durham Pistol and Rifle Club (Mebane, NC) – Great for rifle, pistol and tactical shotgun. Ranges to 300 yds, tactical pits, 3-gun training Meca. 4 year wait.
  • Central Carolina Gun Club (Burlington, NC) – Great for rifle and pistol. Ranges to 200 yards. No waiting list.
  • Durham County Wildlife Club (Morrisville, NC) – Huge stocked fishable lake, awesome skeet, trap and sporting clays facility. Pistol range offered. No center-fire rifle allowed.

“The Friendliest Gun Store in the Triangle”
3158 Hillsborough Rd. Durham, NC 27705
(919)237-9858 (store)
(866)637-9591 (toll free)

How do I get a North Carolina Concealed Handgun License

Before you can legally carry a concealed handgun in North Carolina, you must obtain a North Carolina Concealed Handgun License.

The steps to acquire a license to conceal a handgun are:

  1. Take and pass a Concealed Handgun Course from a certified N.C. Concealed Handgun instructor
  2. Receive a certificate for having passed the course
  3. Submit your certificate and county-specific application to the Sheriff’s office in the county in which you live
  4. Some counties then require information from local hospitals which may require you to pay additional medical records fees

“The Friendliest Gun Store in the Triangle”
3158 Hillsborough Rd. Durham, NC 27705
(919)237-9858 (store)
(866)637-9591 (toll free)

What do I need to Purchase a Rifle or Shotgun in North Carolina

While purchasing a handgun in North Carolina has some extra requirements, buying/transferring a rifle or shotgun is simple.

Basically, if the federal government doesn’t require it, neither does North Carolina.

You must bring proof of identity which should be a non-expired government-issued ID that has the following:

  • A photo of you
  • Your current residential address
  • Your birthdate

At the gun store you will be required to fill our the Federal 4473 firearm transaction record and pay for the gun. The gun store staff will do a background check through the FBI (usually takes about 5 minutes) and if you pass, you are on your way!

In North Carolina, you may use a pistol purchase permit or concealed handgun license in lieu of the background check. You will still be required to fill out the form 4473 firearm transaction record.

“The Friendliest Gun Store in the Triangle”
3158 Hillsborough Rd. Durham, NC 27705
(919)237-9858 (store)
(866)637-9591 (toll free)

What do I need to buy a handgun in North Carolina?

In the course of serving our customers each day, we often get asked “what do I need to buy a handgun in North Carolina?”

What do I need to buy a handgun in North Carolina?

The requirements are uniform throughout the state. You must be 21 years of age (federal requirement), a resident of North Carolina (federal requirement) and you need:

– A valid, government issued photo ID with your photo, date of birth and current North Carolina address (i.e. NC Driver’s License with correct address.)


One (1) of the following:

– A non-expired North Carolina Pistol Purchase Permit issued by the Sheriff’s office in the county in which you live.


– A non-expired North Carolina Concealed Handgun License issued by the Sheriff’s office in the county in which you live.

Each county has a slightly different process. For example, Durham County has the Pistol Permit Application available online HERE, but Wake County has a web form you can fill out and submit online HERE.

For Pistol Purchase Permits, here is a listing of where you can find your county’s application process or information either online or in-person (other counties coming soon):

How many handguns can I buy using my CHL or Purchase Permit?

The pistol purchase permits are good for a single handgun purchase. When you go to pick up your permit(s) ask for more than one if you intend to buy a few handguns in the next five years. This will reduce the amount of paperwork you have to do.

Concealed Handgun Licenses enable the holder to purchase as many handguns as he/she would like while the license is active.

Is there a waiting period once I have my CHL or purchase permit?

No. Once you have your license or permit, walk into a North Carolina licensed firearms retailer, pick out your handgun, fill out the form (4473), pay for it and take it home!

Why does the gun store keep my permit when I purchase a firearm with it?

State laws require that the gun store retain the original permit in their records. You will use up one permit every time you purchase or transfer a handgun in North Carolina.


If you have any further questions on requirements to purchase a revolver or pistol in North Carolina, feel free to contact the RAM Arms customer service staff at 866-637-9591.


“The Friendliest Gun Store in the Triangle”
3158 Hillsborough Rd. Durham, NC 27705
(919)237-9858 (store)
(866)637-9591 (toll free)

New Arrivals 03-12-15

We’re behind on updates as the store has been very busy this week, but here’s what came in today:

Sorry for the lack of updates, but things have been even busier than normal this week. Here’s what came in:
– Ruger SR9 and 40 pistols (std and compact)
– Ruger 9E pistols
– Glock 26 gen 4 9mm pistols
– Smith & Wesson M&P 9c 9mm pistols
811024-2T- Smith & Wesson M&P15TS (tactical short-barrel) AR-15 rifles
– Springfield XD Mod.2 .40S&W pistols
– Rock River Arms Complete Upper 20″ A2 with BCM charge handle
– Tons of new holsters, gun storage safes, cases, non-lethal personal protection items and more!

New Arrivals 03-05-15

What came in today:
H98150_1- Hornady Rapid Safes
– Ruger LCP Custom .380 pistols
– Ruger SR9C compact 9mm pistols (stainless and black)
– Glock 26 gen 4 9mm sub-compact pistols
– Smith&Wesson M&P15-22 .22LR rifles
– .22WMR ammo (.22mag)
– AR-15 ammo
– .380acp FMJ ammo
– 9mm value pack ammo
– Federal Fusion .223 hunting ammo

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