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Firearms Financing Available

No credit check, up to 12 months to pay, low interest!

RAM Arms in Durham, NC offers Expertise and Service:

Is there a firearm you want that we don’t have in-stock? Our sales staff are experts in locating and getting firearms at unbelievable prices. Any firearm we special order will not require a transfer fee.

Expert gunsmithing, gun customization and custom gun building from a full staff of customer-focused experts.

RAM Arms also offer firearms training services if you would like to learn how to  maintain and use your firearms or just need some additional training on their use.

Our expert gunsmith services can keep your firearms in top shape even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to do it yourself. A broken or dirty firearm is not a problem for our gunsmiths. Just bring it in and we’ll get it taken care of in no time.

New Arrivals 06-19-15

Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle .223 Mint Condition $639


Ruger mini-14 for sale

Ruger Blackhawk Convertible .45LC/.45acp $489

Ruger Blackhawk convertible 45 for sale


Smith & Wesson 642-1 .38spl “Molon Labe” inscription

Smith & Wesson 642-1 Molon Labe .38spl for sale

Used Guns Available 6-6-15

Fine used guns we took in this week and are still available

Posted by RAM Arms on Saturday, June 6, 2015

AR-15 Upper and Lower Receivers Back In-Stock!

High-quality AR-15 upper and lower receivers in-stock (won’t last long!)

RAM Arms FFL Transfers are Easy and Affordable

Having a gun transferred in from an online retailer or another location doesn’t have to be a headache. RAM Arms has preferred relationships with the top online retailers and will make your transfer fast and easy.

Just fill out the web form below call us at (919)237-9838 or and we’ll take care of the rest!

Transfers are only $30.00 for a single firearm and $20 for each additional if you will be picking up more than one gun the same day.

Transfers of handguns, stripped receivers or stocked ar-15 receivers (aka “complete lowers”) require that you are 21 years of age and a North Carolina resident.

Please see the ATF letters explaining that lowers aren’t Rifles HERE.

You can find information for obtaining permits from your county Sheriff HERE

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Anti-Gun Bill Introduced into NC Legislature

Our friends at The Gun Page are reporting that anti-gun Democrats are introducing a major anti-gun bill for consideration. We’ve seen it happen in Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, California and other states. Please contact EVERYONE on this list to make sure they know their seat is in jeopardy if they vote for it. Otherwise, North Carolina could become the next anti-gun state.

From The Gun Page:

One of the most onerous bills seen in North Carolina in many years was introduced this week.  House Bill 725, introduced by anti-gun state Representative Paul Luebke (D-30), is an all-out assault on your Second Amendment rights and personal protection.  Among other things, it would:

  • Repeal provisions of existing law that recognize the right to personal protection
  • Require individuals who have had their firearms stolen report the theft within an arbitrary time period, or face criminal prosecution
  • Require individuals to maintain liability insurance as a condition of gun ownership
  • Ban ammunition feeding devices capable of holding more than 15 rounds
  • Impose additional regulations on the transfer of firearms
  • Impose “safe” storage requirements for firearms

Please use the contact information provided below to contact members of the House Judiciary I Committee.

House Judiciary I Committee:

Representative N. Leo Daughtry (R-26), Chairman
[email protected]

Representative Justin P. Burr (R-67), Vice Chairman
[email protected]

Representative Darren G. Jackson (D-39), Vice Chairman
[email protected]

Representative Dean Arp (R-69)
[email protected]

Representative Larry D. Hall (D-29)
[email protected]

Representative Jon Hardister (R-59)
[email protected]

Representative Julia C. Howard (R-79)
[email protected]

Representative Linda P. Johnson (R-83)
[email protected]

Representative Grier Martin (D-34)
[email protected]

Representative Allen McNeill (R-78)
[email protected]

Representative George S. Robinson (R-87)
[email protected]

Representative Bob Steinburg (R-1)
[email protected]

Representative John Szoka (R-45)
[email protected]

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