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A busy weekend and gunsmith backlog update: 10-10-15

Friday and Saturday were the busiest we’ve seen since June – fall has apparently arrived.

Three pistols and a revolver now have polished, lighter and crisper trigger pulls, 2 shotguns have been repaired and are now working as expected.

There are 4 guns that are much cleaner than when they came in – many more to go.

Oh, and we sold almost everything that arrived on Thursday. We have another truck with a ton of guns and ammo arriving on Tuesday (so they tell me.)

Pistol sight installs will resume Tuesday as our replacement sight press arrives and we will be back to 15-30 minutes, as-you-wait.

Gun cleaning is on a 2-3 day backlog and may increase as pre-hunting trip maintenance continues to increase.

We have about an 8-day backlog for gun repair work, much of this is dependent upon part availability, but we are working to repair and return firearms to owners within 8 business days.