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North Carolina Gun Regulations

Where are the gun ranges in Durham, NC

RAM Arms staff often gets the question “where are the gun ranges in Durham, NC?” Well…. there aren’t any, but there are a few just around the edges of Durham where you can shoot. We aren’t showing any preference for one or the other and have received no compensation (and wouldn’t take any) in exchange for their placement in the ...

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How do I get a North Carolina Concealed Handgun License

Before you can legally carry a concealed handgun in North Carolina, you must obtain a North Carolina Concealed Handgun License. The steps to acquire a license to conceal a handgun are: Take and pass a Concealed Handgun Course from a certified N.C. Concealed Handgun instructor Receive a certificate for having passed the course Submit your certificate and county-specific application to ...

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What do I need to Purchase a Rifle or Shotgun in North Carolina

While purchasing a handgun in North Carolina has some extra requirements, buying/transferring a rifle or shotgun is simple. Basically, if the federal government doesn’t require it, neither does North Carolina. You must bring proof of identity which should be a non-expired government-issued ID that has the following: A photo of you Your current residential address Your birthdate At the gun store ...

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What do I need to buy a handgun in North Carolina?

What do I need to buy a handgun in North Carolina? The requirements are uniform throughout the state. You must be 21 years of age (federal requirement), a resident of North Carolina (federal requirement) and you need: – A valid, government-issued photo ID with your photo, date of birth and current North Carolina address (i.e. NC Driver’s License with the ...

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