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Friday 6-24: Ammo Sale and some new guns

It’s a Sale! (prices good 6/24 thru 6/25) much better than spending $10 to get into a gun show and THEN overpaying for everything we have on sale!

Lots of stuff coming in on Friday. Some will be available at open other inventory will arrive mid-day (trucks come when they come):

  • Federal ‘lightning’ 1235fps .22lr ammo 500 round bulk packs $29.99 (reg. 33.49)
  • Federal 100 round ar-15 ammo value pack $39.99 (reg 44.59)
  • CCI .22Mag 200 round value packs (very limited quantity)
  • CCI Std velocity  50 round boxes
  • CCI tactical CPRN .22LR 50 round boxes
  • RAS180rd 7.62×39 range packs $49.99!! (reg 59.99)
  • Stainless, Engraved exclusive Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 pistols $359
  • Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander concealed carry 1911 .45acp $699  (reg $789)
  • Glock 42 .380acp pistol $399 (reg 439)

Used Guns in this week (still in-stock):

  • Beretta 1935 nickel plated .32acp (excellent condition) *SOLD*
  • Smith & Wesson M&P9 compact with 2 mags and original case (like new) *SOLD*
  • Taurus .38spl revolver
  • Smith & Wesson 21-4 Thunder Ranch collectable revolver in presentation case $850 (will go to auction
  • AK- 47 pistol with sig brace, picatinny rail, fiber-optic sight and more!
  • Sig Sauer Mosquito .22LR semi auto pistol MINT condition  $299
  • Beretta 92FS (two in this week, one stainless and one blued)
  • and much more!

Affordable AR-15s are still out-of-stock throughout the supply chain, but we are are working out deals with our suppliers. This is an election year and everything semi-auto is in high-demand.

Just remember, if we don’t have it in-stock, try our online store. If we don’t have it in our online selection, please check out our preferred online partners (transfer fees do apply):