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Nemesis Vanquish .308 & 6.5mm Creedmoor Takedown Sniper Rifle Package

Just taken into inventory is this mint-condition, ultimate take-down sniper rifle including .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor barrels, takedown backpack with kevlar insert, bi-pod and many more extras! If you want a top-notch sniper rifle at a discount price, stop by and ask to see THIS:


Nemesis Vanquish – The pinnacle of mobility, accuracy, and stability, Vanquish redefines mission-adaptable design in a precision rifle.

Proprietary Return-to-Zero Take Down Chassis
Monolithic Receiver for Unearthly Stability
Barrel Swap to Change Caliber with No tools.

Your choice of available caliber, standard collapsible stock, Versa-Pod and right-handed bolt.


Tactical Backpack – No rifle case even comes close to the attention to detail in this baby. Tailor-made for the Nemesis Vanquish and Valkyrie rifles, this case delivers an amazing amount of storage, organization and ease-of-use. Dedicated pockets for barrels, muzzle brake, suppressor, bolt, armor insert (armor and rifle components not included), and much much more.

Top shelf nylon materials and highly reinforced stitching ensures that your Nemesis is secured during each and every op.