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New Arrivals (new and used) 5/18/16

*As always, pictures at the bottom of the post*

We’ve been a bit busy with gunsmith and service work, but I’ve found a bit of time at 11:30pm to tell you about the new guns arriving tomorrow and the used guns that have arrived and aren’t yet bought. Here’s the list!

  • New Items
    • Ruger LC9s 9mm concealed carry slim pistols (these go VERY fast due to amazing pricing)
    • Taurus TCP 738 .380aco pistols (also going quickly due to low price)
    • Smith & Wesson Airweight hammerless revolvers (these have been a pain to keep in-stock)
    • Springfield XDS .45acp pistols
    • Walther PPS .40S&W concealed carry pistols (for those that demand stopping power!)
    • Mossberg 500 8-shot pistol grip (also comes with full stock) shotguns with heat shield – amazing price!
    • .22LR CCI mini-mag 300 round boxes premium hollow-point – popped the last of three cases yesterday, won’t last much longer
  • Used guns that are still in-stock (as of 5/17)
    • Mossberg 930 12ga breacher semi-auto shotgun
    • Henry lever action .22LR *SOLD*
    • Henry lever action .17 hmr with mounted scope and 400 rounds of ammo
    • Ruger Mark I .22LR target pistol with 2 mags and holster *SOLD*
    • H&R .22LR revolver
    • Heritage Rough Rider Combo .22LR/.22mag revolver
    • Norinco SKS very-fine condition, all numbers matching, never issued
    • Norinco SKS very-good condition, never issued
    • M91 Mosin-Nagant rifles 3 of 12 still remain
    • British Enfield rifles 2 of 6 still remain
    • Galesi .25auto with original box – excellent condition
    • Baikal 12ga semi-auto $309! Mint!!
    • Taurus PT99 9mm – excellent condition – great price! *SOLD*
    • and more!!

Drop by the store to see what’s left. We sell guns at a rate that the supply chain just can’t keep up with, so don’t wait too long.