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New Arrivals Thursday 06-16-16

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Hot selling items this week have been:

  • AR-15 rifles (sold out twice, expecting to on Thursday as well – this is the last shipment of sub-$700 rifles we have been able to purchase – we’re still looking)
  • Small concealed carry pistols (Ruger LC9s, Glock 43’s, Shields and little 380s are going faster than we can get them – limited selection)
  • .223/5.56 ammo (value packs are sold out in the supply chain, we have one shipment confirmed coming in, won’t last long)
  • AR platform 30 and 40 round magazines. One more shipment arriving, all manufacturers and suppliers sold out after that.
  • 9mm ammo (some brands/products are difficult to get, but still available from suppliers so far)
  • .22LR ammo. We had been able to keep it in stock the last few months, but that’s over. We’ll get what we can as it becomes available. Currently sold out.

Next.. here’s what arriving on the trucks Thursday. Trucks arrive all through the day so not everything will be available at open, but we will get stuff out as fast as it comes in.

  • DPMS Oracle Ar-15 5.56Nato rifles (forward assist, dust cover, 30 round mag, all black)
  • Ruger LCR .38spl revolvers
  • Smith & Wesson SD9VE 9mm and SD40VE .40s&W pistols
  • Glock 23 .40S&W pistols
  • Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm pistols
  • Taurus TCP .380acp mini pistols
  • Springfield XDS 3.3″ .45acp pistols
  • 9mm, 25acp, 38spl, 40S&W, 45acp, 12ga, and .308win ammo
  • 5.56 and .223 ammo in 20 round, 100 round, and 420 round lots (the 100rd and 420rd lots sold out in 20 minutes on Monday)
  • AR-15 slings and foregrips (magpul)
  • 40 round Magpul AR mags
  • Ruger LCP 7 round extended magazines
  • MAG UpLula universal pistol loaders. If you want to load a high-cap pistol mag easy, this is the tool you need. Works with 9, 40, 45 – single or double-stack mags
  • Gun safes and lock boxes
  • Cleaning kits, tools and oils, solvents and all-in-ones
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II rifles (all 23 rifles already sold – working on finding more)
  • Gun cases, accessories, and more!