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New Arrivals Tuesday 6-20-16

We’ve sold out of AR-15’s after having sold two month’s worth of rifles in just 6 days. While we wait for more to arrive, here’s what’s coming in tomorrow (video reviews at the bottom of the post):

  • Springfield XDS .45acp single stack slim concealed carry pistols (bi-tone and all black)
  • Ruger LC9s 9mm single stack slim concealed carry pistols (hot seller) purple or all black
  • Springfield XD Mod.2 .40S&W pistols with the upgraded ergonomic grip and fiber-optic sight
  • Springfield XDS single stack 3.3″ 9mm pistols
  • Magpul AR mags in 30 and 40 round capacity
  • 7.62×39 ammo (we sold out on Saturday)
  • Ruger LCP and LC9(s) mags
  • other assorted ammo

Ruger LC9s review


Springfield XD Mod.2

Springfield XDS .45 review