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Our Current Sale

All listed sale prices are good until close of business March 25, 2016 or while supplies last. Items must be received from in-stock inventory.

All Ruger SR9 and SR40 pistols in-stock are on sale for $429!! ($529 sugg retail)

SR40 on saleCompact and full size, all finishes. The full size SR9/40 makes for a great home defense firearm while the compact 9/40 are good for carry or home defense and target shooting.

SR9c on sale

All Ruger American Pistols in-stock on sale $489

This is the full-size 9mm pistol you’ve been waiting for, but don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out on this deal!

Ruger American Pistol

All in-stock Ruger SR-556E piston-drive premium AR-15 rifles on sale $1099!! ($1375 suggested retail)

Ruger sets the standard for premium AR-15 rifles with the SR-556. The piston-drive keeps the receiver and bolt cooler and cleaner. A fully-chromed bolt carrier group makes cleaning a breeze. These won’t last long at this price.

Ruger SR-556