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Request an auction listing

Listing your firearm with RAM Arms auction services is the best way to sell your handgun or long gun in the triangle area and have a federally-licensed firearms dealer handle the details. Besides, for early bird users – it costs nothing to list a firearm.

Fill out the request form below and your entry will be reviewed to make sure it conforms to our guidelines. Your auction will start once the firearm is brought into our Durham, NC location. Why do I have to bring it in?

Auction listing process:

  1. Fill in this form
  2. Bring your firearm to RAM Arms in Durham, NC(why do I have to do this?)
  3. Your listing will go live HERE
  4. Winning bidder makes payment at RAM Arms
  5. RAM Arms sends final payment to you (what fees are involved)
Firearm manufacturer
Firearm Model
Starting Price:
Reserve Price:
Buy it Now Price (optional)
Auction Start Date/TIme:
Auction End Date/Time:
Firearm Description:
Firearm images upload:

RAM Arms does not guarantee the accuracy of the listing as it is the sole responsibility of the seller to accurately describe and photograph the firearm.

The buyer has a three day period after winning the auction in which to examine the firearm. After the 3 day non-firing inspection period the auction is considered final and enforced by a contract between the buyer and seller.