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Run on Ar-15’s, AR ammo, AR mags, 9mm carry pistols

The terrorist attack in Orlando seems to have caused an increase in demand for America’s most-popular sporting rifle – The Armalite Rifle, 15 (aka AR-15.)

We had a full parking lot this morning before we even opened and the last of our in-stock AR’s was sold in the first 20 minutes of business. We have more arriving Wednesday/Thursday and are working to procure a small supplementary shipment for Friday.

We realize these are popular Father’s Day gifts and we were stocked for dad’s day, but we didn’t foresee a radicalized islamist attacking innocent people in Florida and the resultant politisation by Hillary and the Democrats.

Customers may reserve a rifle in-store or over the phone. At the current rate, we expect all three shipments to be sold before they reach the store. If you remember 2008 and 2013, this year will likely dwarf them both.

Our suppliers are now completely out of these rifles and will not give us a time when they will become available.

What we have coming in Wednesday/Thursday:

  • Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II 5.56Nato AR-15 rifles
  • DPMS Oracle 5.56NATO AR-15 rifles
  • Ruger LC9s 9mm concealed carry pistols
  • AR ammo in 100 round value packs and 420 round cans
  • AR-15 30 and 40 round magazines
  • tons of ammo (mainly 9mm and 5.56)