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Supply Chain Challenges

We want our customers to be the most informed and here are the trends were seeing from our manufacturers and suppliers:

  • More and more 9mm ammo is going out-of-stock or limited supply from our supply chain
  • AR-15’s that sell for less than $800 are nearly non-existent
  • AR magazines are getting thin, but not yet hard-to-get: M2 Pmags are unavailable but M3’s are still in-stock
  • AR accessories and parts are becoming hard-to-get
  • AR ammo is getting harder and harder to find
  • Affordable AK ammo is nearly non-existent – we are working hard to find stock for the shelves – but it’s getting tough
  • High-demand concealed carry and home defense handguns are getting harder to keep in-stock

We are seeing ‘Black Friday’ level sales in the middle of the summer. We aren’t staffed for it, but are working hard to meet demand. We will NOT sacrifice our friendly customer service, so, unfortunately, you may have to wait a moment until someone can help you. If you have the option, visit at open or from 2p-4p as those are typically are slower times.

We are not currently buying used hunting rifles, .22LR firearms, or accessories/optics. Demand for these items is low at this time as customers are focused on personal protection/home defense or firearms that the government will ban if the Clinton wins the election.

Thank you for being a RAM Arms customer and feel free to share our page and or our email alerts with friends who might also be interested in the shooting sports/firearms ownership.

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