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Triangle Area Firearms Auctions

Why list your firearm or bid on a firearm on our auction platform?

There are many ways to buy and sell firearms in the triangle area of North Carolina, but why take the chance that you might be buying a stolen firearm or selling a firearm to someone that should not be able to purchase one? And best of all, you won’t have to meet an unknown person while trading a large sum of money for an item of value.

See all open auctions HERE.

Since we are a licensed firearms retailer, we legally display the firearms that are at auction in our retail location so that bidders can examine the items they’re bidding on before risking a bid.

best way to sell guns in DurhamRAM Arms offers a platform for private sales through a legal framework with the safety and convenience of having a federally-licensed firearms dealer involved with the transfer.

Simply list your item for free on this form and bring the firearm into our Durham, NC location. We’ll take care of securing payment and legally transferring the firearm to the winning bidder.

Start your auction listing HERE or bring your firearm into RAM Arms and we’ll get things started for you.

Why am I required to bring the firearm to you before the listing starts?

We will put the firearm in our display area so that prospective bidders can come and examine the item for themselves. This is a tremendous advantage over other selling platforms as the buyer has full confidence that the firearm is being represented properly, that the listing is not a scam and that the seller won’t back out after someone wins. This results in higher bids and if you set a buy-it-now price, someone can purchase the gun for the buy-it-now price right in the store.

We are also promoting a legal and safe way to buy/sell firearms. In order to require that the transfer is going through an FFL and that the required checks are performed, we have to be in possession of the firearm during the auction. If your auction does not get a winning bid, you can always retrieve the firearm or ask us for other options to help you sell your gun.

Are there any seller fees for the auction listing?

There are two fees usually incurred by the seller in an auction – listing and final value fees.

This is the beta release framework for the auction site and as the system is still in development, we will not be charging listing fees. That’s right, for a limited time all auction listings are FREE.

Once the release version goes live, listings will incur a standard listing fee.

Final value fees will be 2.5% of the winning bid. This amount will be taken from the proceeds of the sale.

Are there any buyer fees for winning?

There are no fees for winning an auction.

There will be a transfer fee of $30 payable by the winning bidder once the firearm is transferred.

Are there any other fees?

If the winning bidder is paying cash, there are no additional fees. Credit card payments will require the buyer to cover the card processing fee of 3%.

Sales taxes must be collected for consignment sales such as this. The standard 7.5% Durham sales tax will be collected from the buyer at payment.