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Why are guns so hard to find right now?

Oh my .. 2016 has become a magnified version of 2008 for those that remember that nightmare, but why?

Understanding the firearms supply chain is important. Guns don’t just materialize at your local gun shop, they get there through a process.

First, manufacturers make guns in huge lots, package them, put them on pallets and ship them to distributors. It isn’t efficient for manufacturers to deal with hundreds of thousands of gun shops so they work through a few hundred distributors.

Then, distributors break-up the pallets, and sell smaller lots to gun shops – lots of guns shops.

So to answer the original question – you are to blame.

We’ve had a terrorist event in San Bernardino, CA, a president pledging to enact unconstitutional executive action on gun control, the Christmas buying season, a presidential election year with two candidates fighting over who can enact more gun control and … tax season. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers don’t stand a chance with demand so high.

Consumers bought more firearms in December 2015 and January 2016 than ever. That means gun shops are now begging distributors to get them popular guns and distributors are now begging manufacturers to make more of them. There just isn’t the supply-chain capacity to make this happen. Stores are empty because distributors are empty and distributors are empty because manufacturers .. can’t keep up!

Rich Mitchell of RAM Arms in Durham, NC said, “We spend hours every day trying to find guns. Talking to sales reps, begging manufacturers, trying to make deals. We’re getting in some high-demand stuff, but not in quantities that will let everyone get what they want. We wish it was different, but we don’t control the supply chain.”

When will it clear up? Who knows? It could be two weeks, it could be 2 months. Supply is tight so any ‘event’ could send things spiraling in a terrible direction.

Your best bet is to ask if your gun shop will allow you to put your name on a wait list for popular firearms so that you’ll get called when they show up. Most won’t, but the good ones will.